Scientific Research

Naturin2 is the culmination of rigorous research and experimentation conducted by scientists at Indiana University School of Medicine and University of Washington. These experiments have demonstrated that drinking Naturin2 assists the body in increasing the number and boosting the activity of Natural Killer Cells and Lymphokine-Activated Killer cells, which protects and enhances the white blood cell and lymphocyte cell system in the body.



Naturin2 uses carefully selected all-natural herbal ingredients based on the theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine combined with the purest water from the Pacific Northwest to create a high quality health drink. The key to the traditional Chinese approach of maintaining human health is not only an internal balance but is also a harmony between the body and its environment. All health problems are seen as a disruption of this equilibrium. Therefore, it is important to bring together the body, mind and spirit – so that there is a free flow of qi or “life energy”. Naturin2 uses specific natural plants and herbs to provide essential nutrients for people of all-body types, a formula that can help boost the immune system – the most important network of cells, tissues and organs that works to continually keep the body healthy.

Research and Health Center

Based on the rich theories of traditional Chinese health care science and philosophy and Western technologies, our Naturin2 health drinks are uniquely formulated with carefully selected fine natural ingredients. Our Naturin2 health drinks are made from the extracts of precious natural plants and herbs with the purest spring water from the Northwest. All ingredients in our products are entirely natural and are finely extracted, no preservatives, artificial favors, and coloring are added. In addition, our Naturin2 health drink also taste very smooth and pleasant.

Because of the fine qualities and the proven efficacy of our products, our Naturin2 health drink are now being sold not only in the United States, but also in Canada, Singapore, and Taiwan under our Naturin trademark (which has been registered and approved in those countries and regions).

Essential Ingredients



Astragalus Root


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