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Greenland, Inc. USA, was established in 1992 as the developer and manufacturer of natural, herbal health beverages.

Our company’s leading herbal drink, Naturin2, was developed by a group of scientists and nutritional professionals after a long period of high-tech research, testings, and design. Our production process is conducted in strict compliance with the health standards set by the US FDA.

Since its introduction to the US market in 1992, Naturin2 has been highly praised and widely distributed throughout North America as well as many regions of Southeast Asia and Europe.

Over the past eighteen years, Greenland, Inc. USA, has committed to continuous improvement on our products. Facing the challenges of endless advances in nutrition science and fierce competition in the market for health supplements, our products still emerge strong today. Via our products, we fulfill our mission of bringing together our customers from all over the world to jointly celebrate their renewed health and joy of life.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all of our loyal patrons, old and new, for their persevering support and mutual sharing of experiences. We are also greatly indebted to all of our marketing distributors for their Herculean efforts throughout these years. May our products continue to play an important role in your quest for health and happiness.

Thanks to all our supporters…

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all of our loyal customers, old and new, for supporting us unstintingly and for sharing their experiences on their Naturin2 journey. We are also incredibly grateful to all our marketing distributors for their efforts in pushing Naturn2 amidst fierce competition in a market crowded with other health drinks and supplements. May Naturin2 continue to play an important role in your own quest for health, happiness and well-being.

  • Winnie with her daughter, during the time she underwent chemotherapy and medical treatment
  •  Winnie, the only Asian-American woman at the Seattle conference to receive the honorable Cancer Survivor award by Dr. Rivkin and Southwest Oncology Group
  •   After a full recovery, Winnie gives birth to two healthy babies, now grown and healthy kids
  •  Winnie alongside fellow cancer survivor women attending Relay For Life by American Cancer Society.
  •  Most recent “Friends of Naturin2 Gathering” luncheon held in Seattle, WA
  • Winnie has also been an ardent supporter of graduate students in the Evans School of Public Policy and Governance, encouraging them to pursue careers in public service and leadership.

Naturin2 was inspired by one woman’s story of survival, struggle, strength – and success.


Winnie is a refugee, an immigrant from Vietnam who came to America in her twenties. Life in the beginning was difficult, but she tried to change her circumstances by working multiple jobs and learning English at the same time. Her new life started in the back kitchens of a sandwich shop in downtown Seattle to the bustling halls of China Gate, a restaurant where Winnie spent her early days as a dim sum cart girl. During off hours she would give in to night classes at a local community college, perfecting on her English. After years of struggle and tireless work, everything had fallen into place. At the age of 32 she was happily married, had just given birth to her second child and was excited to become a mother again. Their children brought Winnie and her husband Chris much joy. In turn, they gave joy and pleasure to others, by opening one of Seattle’s first Vietnamese restaurants, “Little Saigon” in the late 1980s. During the time that she was a mother and small business owner, Winnie still put herself last, looking after her business and taking care of two children without any help. She pushed herself hard, fueled only by the desire to create the best life possible.


Half a year after giving birth, Winnie went to the clinic for a routine check-up. She received the worst results imaginable: the CT scan found a tumor located high in her left breast, near her armpit. After the initial shock, Winnie went into denial. The time and energy invested towards the future that she wanted, that she worked incredibly hard for, might not happen after all. Though frustrated, she felt the urge to be in control and take matters into her own hands, just like how she handled her life with everything before. Being in survival mode, Winnie sought for the best options and quickly after, she found herself in the care of Seattle’s top oncologist at Swedish Hospital, Dr. Saul Rivkin. Their meeting changed her attitude to her health completely.

Guided by Dr. Rivkin, Winnie found the inner strength to fight second stage breast cancer with lymphatic mestasis in her left armpit by undergoing a long course of chemotherapy, which gave her agonizing side effects. These included sudden attacks of cold, severe vomiting, hair loss, premature ageing and a general breakdown of her health. When she couldn’t stand the pain of the side effects any longer, Winnie requested a break from her chemotherapy treatments.


By this point, Winnie’s health was extremely delicate. The chemotherapy had killed off the dangerous blood cells, but it had also blasted the good ones. Winnie was determined never again to find herself in the radiation room. To support her post-cancer healing and bring herself back to being the strong, energetic woman she had once been, she started to look for alternative solutions for recovery. Winnie was introduced to a group of nutrition professionals and researchers at the Indiana University School of Medicine, who were studying the beneficial effects of Chinese herb extracts. They recommended a formula which might help her and, cautiously over a period of time, she began to take it.

Winnie had never been a blind follower of alternative medicine or natural remedies. But after awhile (6months-1year), she couldn’t help but notice the early signs of hair regrowth on her once-bald scalp. Her body had become skin and bones during her illness, but now she found herself regaining her appetite, enjoying food and eating a healthy diet with gusto once again. Her formerly dull complexion and drawn features transformed and her radiance returned. Her menstrual cycle, which had been disrupted by her cancer treatment, returned to normal.


To the joy of her family, Winnie made a full recovery from cancer. As a way of sharing her experience of healing, she made it her mission to tell as many people as possible about the formula which supported her recovery, enhanced her immunity and strengthened her spirit. Winnie’s determination to beat cancer was supported by the formula, followed by a focus on healthy eating and sleeping habits. She created the ultimate lifestyle balance from which to bring herself back to peak mental and physical condition.

Winnie and her husband Chris sold their restaurant, bought the rights to the formula and established a company to develop and manufacture it as a drink for anyone wanting to regain inner balance, enhance their wellness, optimize their health potential and unlock their dynamism, drive and energy for life.

Thus, Naturin2 was born. The name is a play on the words “nature” and the Chinese word 饮 “yin”, which means drink, while the unique formula is based on a simple combination of traditional Chinese herb extracts and the purest water in the Pacific Northwest, backed up by lab studies conducted at the Indiana University School of Medicine.

Naturin2 is ideal for any lifestyle conscious individual, regardless of age or health condition, who wants to maintain their well-being, develop a feeling of increased inner strength and live in balance with their body. It’s particularly ideal for busy professionals aged 24 – 45 who are looking for a daily vitamin supplement which reflects their mindful and proactive attitude to life and helps them perform their best either at work, at play or at home.  


In her late thirties Winnie gave birth, without complications, to a son and daughter who came to be known as the “Naturin Babies”. Today, with regenerated health and energy, Winnie devotes her time to her family, company and community and supports her chosen charitable causes. Despite the many challenges along the way, Winnie is stronger and happier than ever and determined to pass on some of that strength through sharing the story of Naturin2.



Naturin2 has been FDA compliant in its manufacturing standards, GMP and HACCP approved for 20 years.  This high quality herbal health drink is available in North America, distributed in Canada, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Hong Kong.
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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